Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madden Likes Bears (and some other team)

With the World Series going on, NBC football commentator John Madden had time for an interview with Scott Fowler, which I spotted on line. Most of it was about the Carolina Panthers, and a lot was about the Dallas Cowboys and the whole Bledsoe vs. Romo quarterback thing.

The part I cared about was the last remark: Madden thinks the best teams in the NFC right now are the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears. Naturally, I agree. Or at least I think he's half right.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chicago Bears-Voting ends today!

Voting is on for the FedEx Express NFL Player of the Week Award and quarter back Rex Grossman is a nominee! Voting ends today, Thursday at 5pm central standard time so what are you waiting for? I wonder if i still have time to get some tickets? If so i'll have to leave the game on at home for my dog.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Chicago Bears Want a Prettier One Against Seattle Seahawks

It will be good to be back at my blog spot again--just so I don't undo the charm that my Chicago Bears seem to have with them so far this season! Last game (the 19-16 win over the Minnesota Vikings) especially seemed to hang on at least as much luck as skill. But undefeated is what we are, and undefeated we shall stay.

If we can beat the Seattle Seahawks, that is. Okay, the Seahawks were in the Super Bowl last year, and they would like to stay undefeated themselves. But Lovie Smith and da Bears like a challenge, and so do all the Chicago fans at Soldier Field and around the world who'll be cheering 'em on tonight!