Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Getting Defensive

The Chicago Bears have always been known as tough and ‘gritty’ team. Payton was a good example and so was the “Fridge”. I think now the Bears have an extreme example of being tough. That example lies within defensive tackle Terry “The Tank” Johnson. Johnson was arrested this past week on gun charges. Nothing to serious.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed his named to Terry “The Gun” Johnson...Ha-ha…j/k

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Product

I happen to be a Texas native and huge University of Texas fan. Now I get to see one of the Longhorns products play for my favorite team, da’ Bears. Nathan Vasher came from UT as an undersized corner back.

He stands at 5-10 and weighs 177 pounds, which makes him as big as me. But the guy has skill. Vasher is very agile, has great ball skills, speed, and can jump better than the rest. He makes a great nickel back for now, but with McQuarters gone, expect to see a lot more of Vasher.