Sunday, May 29, 2005

Round n' Round

Money seems to make the world go round. It also makes the world of sports go round, especially football. Players jump different teams all the time and because of the new salary cap rule that allows veteran players to receive more money with out it counting against the salary cap, their has been 93 different players who have changed teams. An example of the new rule is kicker Doug Brien. Brien will earn $750 thousand dollars but only $450 thousand of it will count against the cap.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Out the Door

It is official the Bears released cornerback R.W. McQuarters. The Bears have solid depth at the secondary position, but they may regret this move later on in the season. In this day of age of overpriced cornerbacks, McQuarters should very well find a well-paying job sooner than most would expect. Teams are always on the look out for a skilled punt returner.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Better Days

It seems that days of being a Bear are coming to an end to cornerback R.W. McQuarters. McQuarters was drafted by the 49ers and then let go a couple of years later after not living up to his full potential.

It is said that he McQuarters would be on the trading block for as low as a 7th round draft pick. If that is what McQuarters is worth to the Bears don’t expect him to be on the roster this upcoming season.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Looking for an Option

The team is still looking for another option at strongside linebacker and is expected to sign a potential starter at the position, perhaps before the start of minicamp on May 21.

Anthony Simmons and former Bear Warrick Holdman are thought to be among the players capable of coming in and starting ahead of Hunter Hillenmeyer, who is better suited at middle linebacker where he's the top reserve behind Brian Urlacher.

The team has an excellent tandem in Urlacher and Lance Briggs and would like another player with great range to plug in next to them on the strong side.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Who's Number 1

The decision to draft Purdue QB Kyle Orton in the fourth round solidifies the fact the 2005 season comes down to Rex Grossman-or-bust at the quarterback position. The team said it wanted to bring in a veteran quarterback after last year's debacle in which four different players started at the position after Grossman went down. Instead, it settled on Chad Hutchinson, signed off the scrap heap late last year, to perform that roll. GM Jerry Angelo said after the draft that the team was not trying to create competition for Grossman because the decision was made a couple of years ago that he would be the No. 1 guy and "we want to see that come to fruition." The problem is that Grossman, like everyone the team uses at that position, has proven fragile, suffering two serious injuries in six starts over two years.

The Bears have needed at least two starting quarterbacks for nine straight years, including at least three in seven seasons. All of which means Orton may find his way on the field a lot sooner than anyone expects. Craig Krenzel, a fifth-round pick last year, may end up in training camp, but is now a long shot to make the team. He won his first three starts last year and had a 3-2 record as starting quarterback.