Monday, January 24, 2005

The Grossman Project

In the 2003 draft the Chicago Bears drafted QB Rex Grossman in the first round, in hope to build an offensive around him for the future of the franchise. The problem is that he is not a franchise quarterback. Not because he doesn't have the talent but because of his lack of play. See in 2003 he missed the last three games of the season and in 2004 he missed every game after week 3 due to injury.

If Grossman can come back healthy for a full 16 games the coaches might actually have a chance to evaluate him at a constancy. Well the new Offensive Coordinator, Ron Turner, will make sure of that.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Season of Disappointment

It hurts when you see a team win a playoff game knowing your team beat them or knowing your team has just as good as a chance as any. That seems to be the case this year in the NFC. The Vikings who are the wild card team that beat the Packers where 8-8 going into the playoffs, and it is not like the Bears didn't beat both those teams this year.
"There's disappointment, Normally you set 10 as that magic number to get into the playoffs and we have teams that are 8-8 in this year and we were close. I've looked over our season and there were a lot of games we could have easily won. I think most of us that are not in the playoffs right now are thinking that way. If we could have done a little more, we could have had a happy ending to the season." - coach Lovie Smith