Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bears Catch Favre in the Pocket

The Chicago Bears won their game against the Green Bay Packers in the first half. There was no question who was the dominant team even as the Packers started scoring in the second half. Brett Favre looked terrible, throwing interceptions and spending way too much time in the pocket hunting for receivers. The result of his hesitation in the pocket was getting sacked by Tank Johnson and Alex Brown multiple times. This Bears fan enjoyed the game immensely but couldn’t help but wonder why Favre hasn’t retired. Nobody would deny his greatness but they may forget if they have to watch a repeat of the 2005 Packers season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Green Feeds Bears Win

Mike Green was feeling pretty bad after his poor performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He stepped up and put forth an outstanding performance against the Atlanta Falcons. He was responsible for two defensive interceptions and Green didn’t miss as many tackles as he had the previous Sunday. He put a powerful hit on Falcon Michael Jenkins that caused the ball to fly free and land in the hands of Nathan Vasher. Mike Green claims:

"I loved that one," Green said with a smile. "I was reading the quarterback's eyes.”

Not even Michael Vick could get a game going for the Falcons and the Bears defense was the dominant factor in that failure.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Orton Secure Once Again

Despite the Chicago Bears loss to the Steelers on Sunday, there will be no change at the quarterback position for the Bears. Kyle Orton will continue to start after he threw for 207 yards of offense in the game and showed improvement over recent appearances. Orton even missed some wide open receivers that game, yet it was still an improvement. We have been winning games but Orton had been floundering against teams like the Green Bay Packers and many people thought that coach Lovie was going to replace him. But the team’s official site announces he will be staying where he is for now.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Berrian Comeback a Winner

The Chicago Bears expertly stomped the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field this Sunday. Bernard Berrian finally got to play this week and he showed up to play a great game. Bernard had been out with an injured thumb that obviously healed well because his performance on the field was stellar. The Bears got quite a few first downs off catches by wide receiver Bernard Berrian. He caught two passes from Kyle Orton that led to two field goals and the win for the Bears. Bernard was given a lot of deep passes and he made big plays out of those chances.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bears Stomp Bucs, Packers are Next!

The Chicago Bears played a strong game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won 13-10. It wasn’t a high scoring game and Chris Simms made some great plays for the Bucs. The Bears defense won this game with their fierce pass rush, sacking Simms four times, and by allowing the Buccaneers only one touchdown. Tampa Bay had a chance to tie the game and things got pretty tense on this fans couch, but Bucs’ kicker Matt Bryant missed a field goal in the final minutes, sealing their fate. This is our seventh consecutive win and we are planning on Green Bay being the eighth.

The Bears are coming off a hard schedule and have long awaited this rivalry match up with the Green Bay Packers. It is no secret that Brett Favre and the Packers are not having the best season. Nonetheless we are taking this game very seriously and will add the Packers to our list of wins next Sunday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Defense Wins the Day

The Chicago Bears were stellar against the Carolina Panthers using their number one ranked defense to shut out the number one ranked team in the NFC South. The Carolina Panthers were held to three points just as we did to the Vikings earlier in the season. Alex Brown was on fire with two sacks and Adewale Ogunleye got three sacks for the game which helped him to surpass Brian Urlacher for highest number of sacks on the Bears team. Kyle Orton had a lot of time in the pocket as the Panthers defense failed to break through the Bears’line once, earning no sacks this game. The Bears showed that they are a determined and disciplined team proving why they have the best defense in the league.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blowing Out the 49ers

The infamous high winds of Chicago, Illinois made an appearance at Sunday’s game and fought an angry defense against both sides. Nathan Vasher, in a moment of genius, anticipated the wind’s effect on a field goal kick and caught the ball as it was blown off course. He ran 108 yards to score a touchdown for the Chicago Bears. The San Francisco 49ers never knew what hit them as the wind aided the Bears in their 17-9 win. With all the havoc the wind was making we still saw a skillful and organized game from the Bears as we have these past five wins. Can they keep this intensity into the playoffs?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Getting Defensive

The Chicago Bears have always been known as tough and ‘gritty’ team. Payton was a good example and so was the “Fridge”. I think now the Bears have an extreme example of being tough. That example lies within defensive tackle Terry “The Tank” Johnson. Johnson was arrested this past week on gun charges. Nothing to serious.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed his named to Terry “The Gun” Johnson...Ha-ha…j/k

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Product

I happen to be a Texas native and huge University of Texas fan. Now I get to see one of the Longhorns products play for my favorite team, da’ Bears. Nathan Vasher came from UT as an undersized corner back.

He stands at 5-10 and weighs 177 pounds, which makes him as big as me. But the guy has skill. Vasher is very agile, has great ball skills, speed, and can jump better than the rest. He makes a great nickel back for now, but with McQuarters gone, expect to see a lot more of Vasher.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Round n' Round

Money seems to make the world go round. It also makes the world of sports go round, especially football. Players jump different teams all the time and because of the new salary cap rule that allows veteran players to receive more money with out it counting against the salary cap, their has been 93 different players who have changed teams. An example of the new rule is kicker Doug Brien. Brien will earn $750 thousand dollars but only $450 thousand of it will count against the cap.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Out the Door

It is official the Bears released cornerback R.W. McQuarters. The Bears have solid depth at the secondary position, but they may regret this move later on in the season. In this day of age of overpriced cornerbacks, McQuarters should very well find a well-paying job sooner than most would expect. Teams are always on the look out for a skilled punt returner.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Better Days

It seems that days of being a Bear are coming to an end to cornerback R.W. McQuarters. McQuarters was drafted by the 49ers and then let go a couple of years later after not living up to his full potential.

It is said that he McQuarters would be on the trading block for as low as a 7th round draft pick. If that is what McQuarters is worth to the Bears don’t expect him to be on the roster this upcoming season.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Looking for an Option

from Foxsports.com
The team is still looking for another option at strongside linebacker and is expected to sign a potential starter at the position, perhaps before the start of minicamp on May 21.

Anthony Simmons and former Bear Warrick Holdman are thought to be among the players capable of coming in and starting ahead of Hunter Hillenmeyer, who is better suited at middle linebacker where he's the top reserve behind Brian Urlacher.

The team has an excellent tandem in Urlacher and Lance Briggs and would like another player with great range to plug in next to them on the strong side.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Who's Number 1

The decision to draft Purdue QB Kyle Orton in the fourth round solidifies the fact the 2005 season comes down to Rex Grossman-or-bust at the quarterback position. The team said it wanted to bring in a veteran quarterback after last year's debacle in which four different players started at the position after Grossman went down. Instead, it settled on Chad Hutchinson, signed off the scrap heap late last year, to perform that roll. GM Jerry Angelo said after the draft that the team was not trying to create competition for Grossman because the decision was made a couple of years ago that he would be the No. 1 guy and "we want to see that come to fruition." The problem is that Grossman, like everyone the team uses at that position, has proven fragile, suffering two serious injuries in six starts over two years.

The Bears have needed at least two starting quarterbacks for nine straight years, including at least three in seven seasons. All of which means Orton may find his way on the field a lot sooner than anyone expects. Craig Krenzel, a fifth-round pick last year, may end up in training camp, but is now a long shot to make the team. He won his first three starts last year and had a 3-2 record as starting quarterback.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Glass Kid

We have talked many of times about the status of quarterback Rex Grossman and this entry will be no different. The simple fact of the matter is; Grossman is supposed to be the Bears franchise quarterback. With that type of value behind the kid, Grossman will be the topic on Coach Lovie Smith’s mind since Grossman is still healing up from his surgically repaired knee from last season.

The Bears hold the number 4 pick in this years NFL draft. Look for the Bears to keep in investing in their ‘glass kid’ even though they will probable draft a quarterback on the first day.

Grossman has been throwing the pigskin of recent and is supposed to start taking snaps under center when the Bears minicamp starts on the 21st of May. Of course if the season started today Grossman could not play, but the upside is that Grossman will be ready for full contact once the season is underway.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Report

from Foxsports.com
Running back Thomas Jones is coming off his best season as a professional, but he suffered through another losing season in a star-crossed career that has taken him from Arizona to Tampa Bay and Chicago. He produced a career-high 948 rushing yards and added 56 receptions to become the first player to lead the team in both those categories since Neal Anderson in 1989. So why are the Bears talking about taking a running back with the No. 4 pick in the April draft? There are a couple of reasons. Anthony Thomas was not offered a contract to return once he hit unrestricted free agency, and there are differing opinions within the organization if Jones will suit the new offense under Ron Turner. Jones was brought in as a perfect fit for the old system that was based on the St. Louis and Kansas City offenses. He's a cutback runner with breakaway speed who uses excellent vision and patience to break plays. He might not be the ideal fit for a power running game. Still, his excellent hands and route-running ability make him a double threat out of the backfield, and he will have a significant role in 2005.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Scouting Report

from Foxsports.com
Defensive tackle Tommie Harris should be even better following a stellar rookie season after undergoing what the team has called a routire arthroscopic procedure on his right knee. Harris is a high-motor, gap-shooting tackle who fits perfectly in coach Lovie Smith's defensive scheme. He started all 16 games as a rookie after leaving Oklahoma following his junior year and finished with 58 tackles, including six for loss and added 3.5 sacks. Harris is capable of disrupting passing attacks because he has some rush moves to go with speed and quickness. He is relentless in the pursuit of quarterbacks and runners and is athletic enough to make plays on the backside.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Hard Truth

from Foxsports.com
The team is pleased Rex Grossman is recovering well from his knee injury, and new offensive coordinator Ron Turner is predicting great things for Grossman in what will be his fifth offensive system in as many years, including college.

But the sad truth is that the team can't rely on Grossman alone after going through four starters a year ago and seeing Grossman pick up two serious injuries in six games. The team isn't going anywhere until the quarterback position is solved, and while Grossman may be the answer it would be foolish to consider it a done deal.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Better Days

Just like most things in life, it is left to right, and starting with the offensive line-men for the Bears are just the same, and the left tackle Mike Gandy who has never played to his best.

It’s been better days for John Tait who might have to play on the left side if a solution doesn’t arise in time for the next season.

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Grossman Project

In the 2003 draft the Chicago Bears drafted QB Rex Grossman in the first round, in hope to build an offensive around him for the future of the franchise. The problem is that he is not a franchise quarterback. Not because he doesn't have the talent but because of his lack of play. See in 2003 he missed the last three games of the season and in 2004 he missed every game after week 3 due to injury.

If Grossman can come back healthy for a full 16 games the coaches might actually have a chance to evaluate him at a constancy. Well the new Offensive Coordinator, Ron Turner, will make sure of that.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Season of Disappointment

It hurts when you see a team win a playoff game knowing your team beat them or knowing your team has just as good as a chance as any. That seems to be the case this year in the NFC. The Vikings who are the wild card team that beat the Packers where 8-8 going into the playoffs, and it is not like the Bears didn't beat both those teams this year.
"There's disappointment, Normally you set 10 as that magic number to get into the playoffs and we have teams that are 8-8 in this year and we were close. I've looked over our season and there were a lot of games we could have easily won. I think most of us that are not in the playoffs right now are thinking that way. If we could have done a little more, we could have had a happy ending to the season." - coach Lovie Smith